7 Flattering Costume Styles For The Full-Figured Female

Flattering Costumes For The Fabulous Full-Figured Plus Size Female

One of the most difficult tasks that plus-size women or full-figured women faces is to find flattering styles that would look good on us. Yes, there are zillions of retailers out there, online and in brick-and-mortar shops but most of the buyers who buy for these shops most likely saw the garment on a model-thin corpse and not on an average-sized woman. The same holds true for finding Halloween costumes that flatter our curvy body. Ladies, ladies, ladies! Not all costumes look good on us! However if you stick to the same principles of what looks good on a full-figured body the same holds true for costumes. So what is it? Here are my 7 Principles FFFF:

7 Principles for the Fabulous Full-Figured Female (FFFF)

(1) The Empire Waist – Costumes with Empire Waists.

The Empire waist, either in dress form, tops, jackets, etc. puts emphasis on the smallest part of the body, creating an hour-glass illusion. By accentuating the bust line and having the garment flow over the rest of the body, emphasis is created at the top. Below are some examples of Empire waist costumes:

(2) The Halter Top and Sweetheart Neckline – Costumes.

The halter and sweet heart neckline are also a good choices for plus-sized women. It minimizes the width of the shoulders, draws attention to the cleavage and thins out the waist line. Since most halter tops already have a simulated empire waist built in, the halter serves as a double thinning whammy. The sweet heart neckline also draws the attention from the shoulders up to the neck and face area. It makes the shoulders look smaller and focuses the eye on the center of the body. Some examples of costumes with Halter Tops and Sweet heart necklines are:

(3) The A-Line – Costumes With A-Line.

One of the most flattering shapes for full-figured gals is the A-line skirt or dress, or the Boot Cut Pants (Also considered A-line). This style balances out the large size frame nicely since it draws the eyes from the top, with the larger shoulders, then down to the tapered at waist and then back out again with the wider hem line. A-line skirts and Boot cut pants are also very comfortable as the are also larger in the hip which makes for a comfortable costume. Some examples of costumes with A-line Skirts, Costume Dresses and Boot Cut Pants are:

(4) Vertical Illusion – Costumes That Draw The Eye Vertically.

Pick costumes that draw the eye vertically. Either with the colors, the seamline, the hem line or the pattern of the costume. For example, a long vest will draw the eye up and down, creating a lengthening effect. Dressing in the same color from head-to-toe also. A large scarf tied diagonally at the waist will make the torso seem longer and the body slimmer. Some examples of these costumes are:

(5) The Wide Brim Hat – Costumes with Wide Brim Hats.

If your costume calls for a hat, get one that is at least the same width as your shoulders, if not wider. This way the attention is drawn upwards to the brim of the hat, making the shoulders look smaller, followed by the hips.

(6) The Long Flowy Hair – Costumes with Long Hair Wigs.

Long Hair Wigs can also help make a large size frame look smaller. The long strands of hair makes the eye go up and down, creating the illusion of length. So don’t be afraid to wear wigs, extensions or wiglets to compliment your shape and to accessorize your costume. Have fun and wear a fun, long haired wig for Halloween! You would be surprised how many quality wigs are out there now that look authentic and very flattering. Some examples of costumes with Long Hair Wigs.

(7) Heels Baby! – High Heel Shoes.

The finishing touch of course are the heels! Wear sexy, high heels with your costume. This obviously gives you more height but also by wearing heels, it gives you a bit of oomph, attitude and self-confidence. By looking good, pulled-together, will make you feel better about yourself and that in itself will make you stand taller. If high heels are not your thing, there are plenty of platform shoes out there that will still give you the height without the ache!!

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